How to Protect your Oracle Database from Hackers

I was attending the NorthWest Oracle Users Group meeting on Monday.  At the beginning of the conference, there was the usual conference business and announcements.  The speaker announced that the 1:00 PM technical talk was cancelled due to illness.  I looked at the schedule, and thought: Dang. There is nothing else that I want to attend at 1:00 PM.  What am I going to do?  Probably some of the other people at the conference felt the same way too.

Then, I had a crazy idea.  Why not create a database security presentation, and present it at 1:00 PM?  I suggested it to my colleague Kelly Gallagher.  Kelly is on the board of the NWOUG.  She thought it was a great idea.  What is the title?  How to Protect your Oracle Database from Hackers.  Oops.  Now, I was on the hook for creating and delivering a presentation about database security in less than 4 hours.

Well, I did it.  Here is the presentation.  Some people seemed interested.  Anyways, here is the presentation.  Kelly said three people commented, and said the presentation was excellent.

I wish I would have had more prep time… 🙂


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