Who is the Database Doctor?

Jeff Kayser, the Database Doctor, has been an Oracle database administrator since 1989.

What does Database Doctor do?

The Database Doctor helps people run Oracle databases securely. Do you have a database problem? Are you concerned about the security of your databases? Jeff can help fix your database problems, and secure your databases:

  • Database Doctor gives your databases a “check-up” to uncover problems that may hurt your databases, and addresses any issues found in the “check-up”, including security issues.
  • Database Doctor helps make Oracle software upgrades smooth and uneventful.
  • Database Doctor develops and implements backup and recovery processes to prevent future problems.
  • Database Doctor helps put monitoring systems in place to watch for problems.


Who has the Database Doctor helped?

The Database Doctor has helped many companies with their Oracle databases, including Sequent Computer Systems, Ideon Group, Hollywood Entertainment, Fujitsu, Nike, and Oregon Health & Sciences University.