How to Use Facebook Securely

There’s a lot of routine activity on Facebook that I bet people would think twice about if they considered it from a security perspective:

How many times have you seen posts like, “I’m out at Starbucks getting my morning coffee and reading the paper…” Great! All a burglar (or the NSA) needs to know is […]

Targeted Advertising

Ever been interested in a certain product, and done some Google research about it? Then, for days afterwards, whenever you go to a website, you see ads for that very same thing? What a coincidence! Well, actually, it is not a coincidence. It is called Targeted Advertising. Whenever you browse to a certain site, the […]

How to Opt Out of Junk Mail

Data Marketers have lots of data about you. Acxiom’s latest ploy is for them to show you what data they already have on you. I checked at It really wasn’t that interesting, and much of it was wrong. The Acxiom website allows you to correct the information that is wrong. You can do that, […]